Young CXO Student Corner- Blog by Maana Vora

Young CXO Student Speak- Blog by Maana 

1. What I think of Young CXO?

Want your child to succeed? Want your child to be braced for the coming future? Then you have come to the right place. Join courses at Young CXO to help your child get better problem-solving skills and a better insight into their creativity, making them communicate like a CEO. With various mind-racking case studies, your child will begin to think rapidly and put into execution whatever has been taught during our course and their prior knowledge. We develop your child’s skills using various enlightening discussions, live presentations and many more. Clubbing various children together in a group, making them present hones their communication skills alongside we provide rewards according to the course you pick. Make the right choice for your child!

  1. Pros and cons of virtual schooling:

Over this past year, online classes has become popular with students across the globe. Due to the virulent nature of Coronavirus, all schools have shut down leaving no option but virtual school. Just like everything else, this too has its pros and cons. Lets take a deeper dive into this.


Having online school gives a student an increased flexibility, in terms of getting up, commuting hours are eliminated. This is a boon to students with other personal commitments. The workload is yet there, however more flexibility is gained in aspects such as when, how and where the students are studying. Studying virtually cuts down on a lot of costs, such as textbooks, food, transportation, accommodation. The most important benefit is individualized learning, if you are a fast learner, you wouldn’t need to wait for the class to catch up and if you are a slow learner, you can take however long you need to understand. Virtual schooling gives a student-centered environment with a one to one ratio, unlike traditional schooling the kids do not need to fight to gain the teacher’s attention. Personal student development is way easier as the instructors are available any time to provide individual support. In a technology evolving world, traditional schools are becoming outdated, textbooks and loose sheets of paper do not hook a students mind. Virtual learning is very engaging, allowing children to become their own master as they experiment with new technology. For example, science gets way more interesting when the children use online stimulus websites which strike more interest to them. 


Alongside, this also comes with a few cons, firstly the inevitable technical glitches. The various activities like experiments or group projects, 3-D models can’t be held in a virtual environment. Schools are a place where the students get to interact and make new friends, however limiting it to an online atmosphere doesn’t let you. Students miss out on a lot of social interaction, as they do not get to communicate with their fellow classmates face-to-face on daily basis. A main factor, online school requires a lot of self-discipline. Students facing trouble with time management skills and procrastination will find it difficult to complete their work on time and avoid distractions. Being at your own house, in a comforted area, many students begin struggling as to how to stay on track and not lose focus, as they are not under the supervision of the teacher. 


These were the various pros and cons of virtual schooling, there is no right or wrong in these. Some say this is better than the brick and mortar classrooms while others say they are an undisciplined and improper form of learning, well the answer lies in between.  


3. School vs Young CXO

School studying is important; however, it has a very stringent syllabus which doesn’t abide to the real life the child will soon be posed with, that’s why Young CXO is here to develop your child’s analytical skills and personality to make your child ready for the future.

  1. My review: 

Hi, I’m Maana Vora and I am so grateful to have come across Young CXO, a perfect platform to enhance my learning, it is so very well managed and they teach so thoroughly well and every week I would look forward to the meeting. It was a really exhilarating experience and they actually made me learn a lot of skills that I didn’t know I possessed. I even created a website, did presentations and learnt many soft skills and discovered my true personality. From talking, to creating live presentations to group projects, I really loved it!

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