What is in the Young CXO Learning Program?

Skilling Important, Not Grades: It’s Time To Think Differently About Education

“Almost 54% graduates in India are unemployable or unfit to take-up jobs” – This is according to stats published by India Skills Report 2019-20. The same problem exists globally. The above stats should be enough to send shivers down the spine for policymakers and employers in a country like India which is sitting on the cusp of demographic dividend. Root cause of the problem is two-fold: excessive focus on degrees with a disconnect from real world application and an education system encouraging repetitive tasks (a historic approach introduced by British to get cheap access to floor workers).

According to a survey of top CEOs, MDs and human resource directors, the importance of “soft skills” in employability cannot be over-emphasized. Of late, the country has woken up to a slew of skill development measures. But experts find the focus of government and education institutes is still skewed towards hard skills, missing out training on applied learning and communication.

Founded by 2 IIM Bangalore and BITS Pilani grads, Kushal Singhal and Pratik Anand, Young CXO has took it upon itself to solve this problem. The company focuses on inculcating leadership and communication skills in K12 students across the globe. The team has built a unique flipped classroom model where students can put the concepts learnt in school to use cases and collaborate as a team to reach to the most optimized solution. The medium of instruction is live online classes in small groups of 3-4 students.

The idea took birth during a lockdown video call where both of them were discussing the challenges they had seen the people face in jobs. Pratik had previously worked with BCG and also had a stint in Venture Capital industry. Kushal on the other hand has worked with management consulting division of Accenture Strategy and Gartner. After working across different industries, one common problem  Kushal and Pratik found was that majority of people are good with hard skills but find it difficult to solve a large strategic problem. More so, a lot of people have a hard time communicating and convincing the idea to their team or supervisors. That is when Young CXO team started researching and found out that the problem runs deeper. We have not been conditioned to think like this since our schools and colleges. And these being the formative years of a person’s life, is the best time to train on developing such leadership skills.

Young CXO focuses on applied learning – helping the kids understand how concepts are used in a fun and creative way. Through discussions in a moderated team environment, the kids solve and present the optimized solutions. This also helps them realize their academic interest better and get their point across in a better way.

Over the last 3 months, Young CXO has conducted over 1200+ student sessions, 200+ case studies and live projects with 600+ student registrations. The company is witnessing a 20% MOM growth in registrations, and 50% MOM growth in revenue, indicating improving conversion rate. Young CXO has now students signed up from 5 countries and almost all major Indian cities and that shows the acceptability and scalability of approach. 

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